Dear Members of the SCACA,

I hope all of you enjoyed this year’s All Sports Clinic in Charleston.  I am truly thankful for the board members, past presidents, coaches, and especially the support staff who have made clinics possible for many years and for the way our coaches association has progressed from an idea into what it is today.  As a member of the SCACA board, I have learned so much about what makes our association important.   Just one example is how each auxiliary organization strives to improve every year and better their sport.  Much goes on because so many have a desire to serve and to preserve what is special about coaching in South Carolina.

Each year, at the Hall of Fame banquet, I listen to the inductees try to help us understand that while they are proud of the wins, it is the relationships and shared visions they seem to value the most.    The family’s willingness to share their dads and moms with other children is to be commended.   Coaching truly is a “calling” that you and I have accepted and we should be proud of.

Please allow me to thank each one of you for becoming a coach, and for being willing to devote your careers to making a difference in the lives of young people.  They may not, in many cases, have anything but that sport you coach to give them hope in their future.  Don’t miss your chances to make an impact.    Most of us became coaches because a coach chose to believe in us.

Thanks for allowing me to serve as your 70th President.  It is both an honor and a privilege for me to work with the board in an effort to make our association the best it can be for all of our members.   I encourage you to always remain a member of our association.  There are so many benefits provided for you.  Call on your board members when you have ideas.  Vote in all elections.  Attend the business meetings of your auxiliary groups to stay informed. As members, you all have a voice in our future.  Get involved and good luck in the upcoming year.

Randy Stogner

Manning High School

2016-17 SCACA President

Membership benefits:

– Provides $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage for coaching and teaching duties

– Provides $25,000 sexual abuse liability to help provide for defense coverage should a member be served with a suit or summons stemming from sexual abuse or molestation charges

– Awards scholarships to eligible children for members with at least 10 years’ service

– Qualifies members for service award recognitions

– Qualifies members to coach in All-Star Events

– Allows members to attend the annual All-Sports July Clinic

– Qualifies members to be named a Coach of the Year in a sport

– Provides free admission to North/South All-Star events