2019-2020 SCACA Leadership

These people do a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to make sure SCACA runs well and delivers a lot of value for our members.


Executive Director | Shell Dula

Office Manager | Angie Ray

Vendor Coordinator | Cindy Jacobs

Financial Analyst | Debbie Miller

Administrative Assistant | Mary Dula

Data Entry | Linda Cooner

Chaplain | Charles Gee


President |   Mike Srock, Byrnes

1st Vice President | Tim Perkins, Marion

2nd Vice President |  Derek Youngblood, Williston-Elko

Past President | Brandon Smith, Lexington

Past President | David Byrd, Cheraw

Past President | Randy Stogner, Thomas Sumter Academy


1-A Upper State | Chris Martin, Whitmire

1-A Lower State | Jimmy Woods, Cross

2-A Upper State | Jason Farmer, Landrum

2-A Lower State | Carlos Cave, Whale Branch

3-A Upper State | Zach Norris, Keenan

3-A Lower State | Dann Holland, Pelion

4-A Upper State | Doug Shaw, Jr., Palmetto

4-A Lower State | Chris Hamilton, South Aiken

5-A Upper State | Rick Tate, Boiling Springs

5-A Lower State | David Prince, South Florence

Middle School Rep | Sherry Smith

SCHSL Rep | Mike Beasley, Barnwell

Chaplain | Charles Gee

Executive Director | R. Shell Dula