DECEMBER 12, 2019


President Mike Srock called the meeting to order with the following members present: Mike Beasley, David Byrd, Jason Farmer, Chris Hamilton, Chris Martin, Zach Norris, Tim Perkins, David Prince, Doug Shaw, Brandon Smith, Sherry Smith, Randy Stogner, Rick Tate, and Jimmy Woods.


President Srock presented the minutes of the July Board Meeting and General Business Meeting in North Charleston. Without objection the minutes were approved.


Coach Dula updated the Board on the monthly salary information and the year to date major expenses incurred since the July meeting.  He continued by discussing a detailed summary of the expenses and income (received from sponsors) pertaining to the SCACA Clinic for 2019.


Coach Dula updated the Board on membership for 2019-2020.  As of December 1, 2019 the SCACA membership totaled 7034 which is an all-time high.


Coach Dula provided the Board with a comparison on scholarships awarded over the past seven years. He continued by detailing the 2019 contributions of

$58,655 received from organizations and individuals. The SCACA awarded $90,000 in college scholarships to members’ children in 2019. The deadline for

application for 2020 is April 1st.


A reminder was given via email by Mary Dula, to all the recipients of the Herlong Scholarship last year to reapply for 2020.  If any of your children are recipients, make sure they have received the email.  SCACA has been notifying all members, throughout the Fall, about the scholarship deadline. This information is for anyone who has a current senior in their household, is currently enrolled in college with a 2.0 and 12 semester hours or a child who is currently receiving the Herlong scholarship.  Members may check with any staff member at the SCACA office if they need assistance.


Coach Dula reiterated that $58,0000 has been donated towards scholarships this year.  Rawlings is no longer a sponsor of SCACA.


President Mike Srock investments – Letter from Jack Taylor. All time high  balance.  As of January 1, increased by $65,000.00.  8% growth – letters and statements provided.


Coach Dula stated in 2017, we received $285,205 for SCACA membership and auxillary dues.  In 2018, the total was $339,052 and in 2019, it increased another $16,000 to $355,395.   Coach Dula stated that “Every penny that someone pays for an auxiliary membership goes back to the membership.”  The SCCA keeps no auxiliary money.  Coach Dula stressed the importance of coaches joining SCACA in the next two weeks due to the year-end deadline.


Next on the agenda, Mary Dula shared information about the website.  Mary continued to say if you see something on the website that is incorrect, please give us a call or email. Your assistance is always appreciated.


President Mike Srock addressed the All-Star Events and schedule of late fees.  A total of $900.00 was collected in late fees which can be avoided.  This is way down.  Schools were encouraged to have their coaches join to avoid paying a $100 late fee.


Next, Charles Gee, SCACA Chaplain, reported from the clinic very positive feedback. According to Mr. Gee, the Helinski’s Hope, has been interesting this year with the “3.”  Jeff Duke’s book, 3 Dimensional Coaching, had a great impact on a coach playing in the state championship.  He is lined up to come in.  If you have something like that, get it to Charles Gee.


Sherry Smith, the Board Middle School Representative, stated she was very pleased.  She stated the current membership is almost 400 from 362.  Sherry said she pulled up every middle school and contacted every school and sent an email to the each principal to encourage all of their coaches to join our association.


Next on the agenda, Mike Beasley shared the High School League has three main goals this year:

  1. Research options for league funding by creating a new system to give money back to the school
  2. Application process for schools wishing to joining the league
  3. Review improvement for the hardships committee – very private matters to present maybe to a smaller committee and then to the committee as a whole.


Mike Beasley further stated the Criteria Committee already met to look at a proposal to see how to handle private and charter schools.  No proposal has been made.  High School League passes – $25.00 for additional discussion.  November – Tennis Coaches Association.  Change 2020 schedule – 4×200 relay – 2020. Open season window in April – and not in the Fall – 20 days – Discussed and tabled – until January.  Proposal – boys volleyball and Class AA for wrestling.   New position is available– director of educational services.  We had appeals for hardships and sanctions and fine reductions.  We will meet again in January 15th and 16th, 2020 and again in March 2020.


Tennis association – move it back the North/South tennis because of the honors exam.  We supported that.


Coach Dula updated new business – 2020 – all sports clinic in Greenville at the Convention Center.  Hyatt Regency downtown – host hotel. Dula encouraged Board to please share with your school and area to stay at the Hyatt due to signing a contract guaranteeing to occupy so many rooms.  We need to fulfill that obligation.


Coach Dula stated he, Mary and Cindy Jacobs met with Greenville Convention Center and talked about vendors.  Vendors said they are willing to pay more if they are out in the lobby.  It is more conducive in Greenville where we can charge a higher fee for this location.   Coach Dula shared as far as attendance, he thinks we are going to have a really big crowd.  Lower state did great in Charleston, now he hopes the upper state will have as much support.  Three school districts are considering changing their calendar Greenwood in 2021.  Pickens will be modified and Gaffney is talking about a calendar change as well.  Coach Dula said we don’t want to change our clinic, we need to determine if this is a statewide “thinking” or just an issue for an isolated area?  This time next year, we will be signing contracts for the 2024 and 2025 clinic in advance.  Board members were encouraged let us know if you are hearing anything in your area of the state regarding an early start date.  Coach Dula stated we will soon be discussing 2024 – 2025 and we will have a report for you.  We will vote at this meeting next year for this.


Coach Dula reminded each Board member that no All-Star game can use school equipment unless it is sanctioned by SCACA and the High School League.  All-Star basketball games are going on across the state.  We are beginning to get this in football.  We do not sanction those.  That becomes a big issue in football. We feel like our games are sacred.  If you decide to coach in one of those games, you are not covered with liability by the SCACA.  That is the SCACA stance right now.  We are trying to protect our games.  The North South Games and the SC vs. NC are games we have always supported according to Coach Dula and thinks that is where we should put our emphasis.  If we endorse it, the 17th game may be the one where they get hurt.  All Stars can rent facilities. Chris Hamilton commented bowl games are good for our kids.  If we open it up for one, we have to open it up for all.  If it can’t be a case by case then we shouldn’t do it.


Next on the agenda, Coach Dula gave Hall of Fame update stating a meeting of the SCACA past presidents will be held February 20, 2020. Tim Perkins will preside over that meeting.  Nominations are made by past presidents.  Nominees will be presented to the SCACA board of directors for approval after this meeting.  There is a meeting of the old timers committee held prior to this to discuss nominees who have been on the list for 10 years or more.  They report their discussion to the entire committee at the beginning of the general meeting.  Coach Dula stated that we are doing a good job with our inductions regarding a fair representation of all sports, genders and race. Nominations are due February 1, 2020.


Next, the Distinguished Service Award was discussed by Coach Dula and he informed President Mike Srock that this matter would require a vote by the board.  After discussion by the SCACA board, Jimmy Rogers, athletic trainer at Fort Dorchester, was nominated followed by a unanimous vote by the Board in favor of Jimmy Rogers.


President Srock reminded each Board member that Hall of Fame nominations are due February 1, 2020. The Middle School Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year nominations are due March 1, 2020.  He continued by reminding the Board of the positions to be decided at the Annual Business Meeting in July. Coaches who would like to run for the Board should send a written indication to the SCACA office by June 1, 202.


The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 5, 2020 at the South Carolina High School League Office in Columbia at 10:00 a.m.  The meeting was adjourned without objection.