MARCH 5, 2020

10:00 AM


President Mike Srock called the meeting to order with the following board members present: Mike Beasley, David Byrd, Carlos Cave, Jason Farmer, Dann Holland, Chris Hamilton, Chris Martin, Tim Perkins, David Prince, Doug Shaw, Brandon Smith, Sherry Smith, Randy Stogner, Rick Tate, Jimmy Woods, and Derek Youngblood. The following Auxiliary Representatives were also present: Art Boozer, John Combs, Jackie Shealy, Michelle Yeater, Gwen Clark, Mike Ware, Lewis Terry, Sherry Smith, Dick Smith, Joey Sheppard, Cynthia Vanbuskirk, Amy Martin, and Chris White.

Charles Gee opened with a prayer with a number of prayer requests that had been received.

Coach Dula stressed how many auxiliary memberships each sport receives determines how much money is returned to that sport’s association.  He had checks to present to several sports and needs copy of a bank statement to release the checks.

Coach Dula explained that all North South events use same breakdown for North & South teams and each event will be handled in the same manner.  He presented copies of the North South breakdown for 2020-2021 & 2021-2022 to be voted on by SCACA Board later today.

Calendars were presented with all upcoming events for SCACA.   He ask that each auxiliary to look over and make sure all members of the auxiliary are aware of due dates.  If a North South nomination is late, the student athlete is still considered, but school is charged an extra $100.  If the school’s head coach for that sport is not a SCACA member then Sponsorship Fee is an extra $100.

A tentative list of auxiliary meetings and rules meeting dates & times for 2020 clinic was distributed.  Coach Dula asked each auxiliary to review these times and work on getting speakers as needed.  Please let SCACA office know of any changes needed before master schedule is completed.   SCACA needs clinic speakers by first of May.

Coach Dula announced that Coach Dabo Swinney would be speaking on Sunday at the 2020 Clinic at 2:00 pm. Mitt Lowder, Clemson Sports Psychologist will speak to coaches of all sports at 3:00 pm.

Mike Srock presented the list of Hall of Fame Inductees from 1993 to 2019.  There are 180 members of the SCACA HOF, with 158 males and 22 females.  He went on to share HOF criteria and a list of current nominees.  Past presidents recently met and voted for 2020 HOF Inductees.  SCACA Board will vote on these 2020 induction nominees later today.  Nominations for 2021 HOF is due by February 1, 2021.

Each auxiliary, except for Athletic Trainers & Wrestling, gave a brief update concerning their organization.

Athletic Trainers:  No report

Baseball: Art Boozer reported 403 members this year and they had 237 attend their Winter Clinic in January.  North South and Select Teams will be selected April 20th.  They will be inducting their 5th Baseball HOF class this year. They donated $3,000 to SCACA Scholarship fund.  Coach Boozer attended the National Baseball Coaches Association this year and found it to be very beneficial.

Coach Dula wanted to make Auxiliary Representatives aware of 3 big things for SCACA this year:

  • First time we have over been over 7,000 members. (7,098)
  • Gave $90,000 in Scholarships to coaches’ children this year. (Mary Dula stated that we give more Scholarships than other states. There is a committee to select Scholarships and applications must be post marked by April 1)
  • Investments continue to increase. Money to be used in case need of new SCACA Office or if needed for an extreme emergency.

Basketball:  John Combs expressed great relationship Basketball Auxiliary has with the SCACA Executive Board and the SCHSL.  There is a SC High School National Basketball Association being created.  All Star Game in 2 weeks at Lexington High.  North Carolina / South Carolina All Star game to be held at Wilmington, North Carolina.  They donated $2,000 to the SCACA Scholarship fund.  They are pursuing a corporate Sponsor for SC Basketball Association.

CAWS:  Jackie Shealy & Michelle Yeater noted that they honored 25 female Players of the Year. They presented three $1,000 Scholarships.  Their annual Golf Tournament will be held June 15th at Ponderosa. North South All Star Softball game will be held June 16 & 17 at USC Aiken.  This past November the All Star Volleyball Tournament was held at Erskine College.  They donated $1,500 to SCACA Scholarships.

Cheer:  Gwen Clark thanked the SCACA for their support. She noted that they had 286 members this year.   They have maintain an up to date website.  They will have their Spring Conference at SCHSL next Saturday.  The Cheer Auxiliary presented five $1,000 scholarships to cheerleaders whose coaches are members.  Again they hosted the Debbie Rodgers Competition, where 106 teams participated at Colonial Life Arena.

Football:  Mike Ware shared a number of accomplishments for their auxiliary.  They have provided coaching clinics for all members at no cost for 30 years.  In the last 30 years they have also contributed $142,000 to the SCACA Scholarship fund.  They support CAWS and FCA Golf Tournaments by being a hole sponsor at each tournament.  SCFCA established All State Football Teams this past season.

Golf:  Lewis Terry noted that they have had an 8-10% increase in membership in the last three years.  A number of courses had some damage due to heavy rains.  Girls North South Tournament was held at Stoney Point.  Boys North South Tournament will be held Memorial Day weekend at Litchfield Country Club.

Lacrosse:  Lewis Terry mentioned that there have been some rule changes that have taken place for Lacrosse this year.  There has been discussion of helmet requirement for Girls Lacrosse and interest in Boys Lacrosse continues to grow.  They will hold their first North South Game this year at North Greenville.

Middle School:  Sherry Smith explained that they had 392 members this year, but asked for everyone to please encourage their Middle School Coaches to join SCACA and to make an effort to attend the summer clinic.

Soccer:  Dick Smith shared that they had 325 members.  Anderson District 5 allowed them to host North South Games (boys & girls) at TL Hanna at no charge.  The North Carolina South Carolina Clash Soccer game will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Website: This year’s state championship games will again be held at Irmo.

Strength:  Joey Sheppard stated that this past November they held the Female State Strength Meet.  They have approximately 240 members.  They donated $3,000 to SCACA Scholarships.  Boys State Meet will be held March 28th at White Knoll.  Coach Cash and Coach Srock were recognized with National Strength Coach of the Year honors this year.  Coach Sheppard asked that coaches please visit demonstration room at clinic and it was not just for football coaches. Coach Dula added that Monday at SCACA Clinic, the highest paid Athletic Strength Coach in the nation will be speaking. Jeremy Boone and Mike Srock, will be speaking at 5:00 pm.

Swim:  Cynthia Vanbuskirk noted that they have the shortest season of all sports, due to so many schools use outdoor pools.  At state meet this year they had over 1,100 swimmers participate with 88 different schools represented.  She continues to encourage Swim Coaches to join SCACA and Swim Auxiliary.

Tennis:  Amy Martin stated that their membership was up a few this year.  Girls North South Tournament was held in Myrtle Beach as will be Boys May 16 & 17.  Boys Singles Tournament will be held Monday & Tuesday after state.

Track & Cross Country:  Chris White announced that they had 467 members.  They are pushing for paid officials or at least qualified officials.  They donated $3,500 to SCACA Scholarship.  They sponsored 42 Cross Country runners for Shrine Bowl Run that was held before the Shrine Bowl Game.  This will be the first year the javelin will be a scoring event at the State Track Meet.

Wrestling:  No report

Coach Dula pointed out a couple of reminders:

  • Membership liability has been increased to 2 million per member.
  • Each organization to provide three Coach of the Year Nominees.
  • Each Auxiliary to provide bank statement to receive membership dues due to them.
  • Request for dues increase for 2021 should be received by July 10, 2020 and cannot request additional request for 2 years.
  • 2020-2023 Clinics to be held in Greenville with Hyatt host hotel.
  • SCACA received $21,000 from Greenville Business Bureau.
  • Contract to book 1,000 room nights during that week, majority at Downtown Hyatt, we must meet quota.
  • Room information will be on the website next week.
  • Each speaker must bring their own laptop and ask that each auxiliary bring own projector.
  • Need clinic speaker names by May 1st
  • Scholarship forms must be postmarked by April 1, 2020.

Jerome Singleton thanked SCACA for their partnership with SCHSL.

He explained that next week at SCAAA conference a couple of Constitution and By Law changes to be introduced and discussed:

  • Private / Charter School student participation.
  • Open/Closed seasons.
  • Introduction of Boys Volleyball.
  • Growing Interest for Girls Wrestling.
  • Possible Block & Tackle Certification for Football coaches.
  • He stated that Basketball Showcase operated very well and was well attended.
  • Trans Gender Participation.
  • Mercy Rule consideration for some sports.
  • Possible certification required for all coaches.

Mike Beasley, ask schools to get upper administration involved and for them to get more knowledgeable of SCHSL rules.  He also asks that everyone communicate to their administration to attend SCAAA Conference next week.

Charles Gee thanked SCACA for jackets.  And he gave the invocation for lunch.





MARCH 5, 2020


Mike Srock called the meeting to order.

Minutes from December Board Meeting were accepted and approved.

Coach Dula presented 2019 and January & February 2020 salary information for SCACA office.

He also presented list of major expenses for December 2019 – March 1, 2020.  One major expense being Loomis & LaPann for all North South event insurance.

Mike Srock explained that board would receive a detailed report for SCACA Investments in July.

Membership has continued to increase each year with last year’s membership up over 7,000 members.

Membership packets available and each Board member ask to get to their AD.  Remind them about $2 million liability insurance now available to each member.

Coach Cave stated that SCHSL may be considering adding pictures to their passes.  If that does become a requirement SCACA may offer for those photos to be made at July Clinic at back of exhibit hall.

Mary Dula reminded everyone that SCACA Scholarship applications must be postmarked by April 1st, 2020. Scholarship opportunity great selling point to make to all coaches.  180 children of coaches received scholarships this past year.

Coach Srock encouraged everyone to use website.  Valuable resource for answers to a lot of questions.

Coach Srock mentioned late fees collected this past year.  $1,800 collected for non-member coaches and $300 for late nomination of student athletes.  These funds were used for scholarships.

Mike Beasley stated to be sure and give feedback concerning items that Mr. Singleton mentioned to be discussed next week.  Next meeting for SCHSL Executive Committee is April 22, 2020 at SCHSL Office.

Sherry Smith noted that it was planned to have Middle School speakers for clinic by next week. She also wanted to encourage schools to be sure and submit nominations for Middle School/Junior High Coach of the Year.

Mike Srock asks each board member to consider the North South All Star Alignment proposal.  After discussion, Mike Beasley made motion to accept North South All Star Alignment.  Tim Perkins seconded the motion and proposal was passed.

Mike Srock reminded everyone to make reservations at Hyatt Downtown in Greenville for 2020 Clinic. We must book 600 rooms at Hyatt to avoid penalty to be paid.

Coach Dula explained that the next four years’ clinic will be held at Greenville Convention Center.  After the clinic in July, the Board will consider a site for the 2024-2025 clinic at the December Board meeting.

Coach Dula announced SCACA Award winners:

  • Jimmie “Doc” Rogers – Richardson Distinguished Service Award
  • Michelle Yeater – Charles Stuart Athletic Administrator Award

Coach of the Year – Board member must vote for all choices.  SCACA Board has final choice.

Cut off for Hall of Fame nominees presented to Board.  David Byrd made a motion to accept the cut off points for Inductees.  Derek Youngblood seconded the motion and motion was approved.

Mary Dula noted that letter of notification to these Inductees would be mailed out March 19th.

Coach Dula pointed out that there are five sports represented on this Hall of Fame List, with one being a female and one an African American.

Jason Farmer made motion to approve the 2020 Hall of Fame nomination list submitted by past SCACA presidents.  David Byrd second the motion and the motion passed.

Before he adjourned the meeting, Mike Srock announced that next meeting to be held July 25th at 6:30 PM at Greenville Convention Center.