JULY 27, 2019


President Brandon Smith called the meeting to order with the following members present: Donald Addis, Mike Beasley, David Byrd, Carlos Cave, Jason Farmer, Dann Holland, Zach Norris, Tim Perkins, David Prince, Doug Shaw, Sherry Smith, Mike Srock, Randy Stogner, Rick Tate, Debbie Wardlaw, Jimmy Woods, and Derek Youngblood.

President Smith presented the minutes from the March 7, 2019 Board Meeting in Columbia.  Without objection the minutes were approved.

Cindy Jacobs presented the Annual Audit.  McKinley, Cooper & Company approved the SCACA with a clean audit as of December 31, 2018.

Coach Shell Dula reviewed the SCACA Salaries from 2018 and January through June 2019.

Coach Dula also presented the major expenses from March 1, 2019 through July 12, 2019.  With major expenses being Scholarships and Liability Insurance.  Scholarships so far this year at $47,000.  $33,000 to repeater scholarship recipients and $14,000 to new recipients.  Liability Insurance coverage increased from 1 million dollars per coach to two million dollars per coach.

Coach Dula showed increase in Membership numbers.  Current Member Registration prior to clinic at 6,006 which does not include honorary members.

Coach Dula also presented letter from Jack Taylor Investment Securities with a statement from Charles Schwab that shows account increase value of $50,834 since January 1, 2019.  He explained that this fund was set up to be used as a building fund or shortage in funds if needed.

Cindy Jacobs reviewed list of some new vendors along with list of vendors that did not return this year.  Overall, still an increase in number of vendors.  Cindy encouraged coaches to visit the Vendor Booths and encourage other coaches to visit them as well.  Slow traffic was a predominate reason vendors were not returning.  She ask that each vendor booth to please be allowed to speak approximately one minute at the Auxiliary Meeting that fit their products.  Cindy ask for any suggestions to help increase vendor interest in attending our clinic.  Coach Dula commended Cindy for a job well done.

President Smith stated that each Board Member’s packet contained reports of a number of All Star Games.

Coach Charles Gee encouraged coaches to attend Daily Devotions each morning during the clinic.  He distributes a weekly devotion each Monday over with currently over 700 subscribers.

Mike Beasley reported that SCHSL had a quite year.  Realignment set to take place next year.

Old Business:  President Smith and Coach Dula welcomed Kristy Schumacher.  Coach Schumacher represented the Lacrosse Coaches Association and had previously met with board members concerning All Star Games for Lacrosse.  After some concerns expressed at previous meeting, Coach Schumacher provided the Board with specific details for Lacrosse All Star Games to be held May 15 & 16 at North Greenville University.  After Coach Schumacher was dismissed after her presentation and lengthy discussions among Board Members; Coach Mike Srock made a motion to approve Lacrosse All Star Games upon paid overnight security and pre and post game medical screening.  Jason Farmer, second the motion.  And motion passed.

New Business:  Football Coaches Association had asked for increase in Football Auxiliary Dues.  After discussion, no motion was made.

Coach Dula referred to survey that had been conducted asking coaches about special opportunities that needed to be addressed at clinic.

President Smith stated that each auxiliary were to submit dates for All Star games.  Everything this year will fall one week later.

President Smith reminded all board members to review Clinic Duties hand out and to plan to meet Sunday morning at 10:00 am.  Coach Dula ask that if a board member cannot be at an assignment, please ask another board member to trade assignments with you

Mary Dula reminded board members of their duties for the Awards Dinner on Sunday night.  Banquet Hall will be filled to capacity.  She thanked everyone for their assistance.

President Smith reminded everyone of Business Meeting at 11:00 on Tuesday Morning with 5 Elections to be held.

President Smith asked several board members to remain for a few minutes when Board Meeting adjourned.

Next Board Meetings will be held:

Thursday, December 12, 2019, 12:00 noon at Dunes Club, Myrtle Beach

Thursday, March 5, 2019 10:00 am at SCHSL Office

David Byrd made a motion to adjourn.  Derek Youngblood second.  Meeting adjourned.