MARCH 7, 2019

10:00 AM


President Brandon Smith called the meeting to order and welcomed all attendees.

President Smith recognized Art Boozer from Newberry High School representing the Baseball Coaches Association. Coach Boozer stated the Baseball Coaches Association has reached 373 members for the current year. The Baseball Coaches Auxiliary hosted their winter clinic at Kingston Plantation on January 24th -25th, with about 221 coaches and 12 vendors in attendance. The Select Baseball, and North South Baseball events will be held on May 20th – 22nd at Lexington High School.

President Smith recognized Gwen Clark from the Cheer Coaches Association. She reported that their association’s membership is 285 for the current year. SCCCA provided five $1,000 scholarships for senior cheerleaders who display outstanding scholastic achievement, and whose coach is a member of the Cheer Coaches Association. The Cheer Coaches Association contributed $1,000 to the Herlong Scholarship Fund.  The Debbie Rogers Cheer Classic was held in November at the Colonial Life Arena, and included 108 teams from all classifications in South Carolina.

Mike Ware of the Football Coaches Association reported on the Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame induction held on December 14, 2018.  The inductees were: Jerry Brown, Willis Burkett, Bill Carr, David Gutshall, Chuck Jordan, Chris Miller, Ray Stackley, Al Usher, Mike Ware, and James “Weepy” Welch. The Football Coaches Association also continued their support of the Herlong Scholarship Fund with a donation of $5,000 this past year.  The 2018 Football Winter Clinic was held in Myrtle Beach on February 21st – 24th.

Lewis Terry from Dorman High School provided the report from the Golf Coaches Association. Coach Terry began by discussing the new USGA rules and their associations role in making sure that all golf coaches are aware of these changes. The Golf Coaches Association hosted the North/South Girls Golf event in November at Stoney Point Golf Club in Greenwood. The South Girls team was victorious in the event. The North/South Boys Golf event will be held in May in Myrtle Beach.

Matthew Fox from Socastee High School represented the Lacrosse Coaches Association. The Lacrosse Coaches Association has 74 members. For the 2017-18 school year two state champions were recognized (5A and 4A), in both the girls and boys divisions.

Sherry Smith, the Middle/Junior High School Representative on the SCACA Board, was recognized and she asked all athletic directors to encourage their middle school coaches to join the SCACA. She continued by discussing her ideas for speaker sessions at the clinic in July. The membership for middle school coaches has grown to 369 in 2018.

Dick Smith represented the Soccer Coaches Association. He reported that their association’s membership is 324 for the current year. The 30th North-South All-Star Matches will be at T L Hanna High School in Anderson, on June 22nd. The Clash of the Carolinas Soccer Matches will be played at Cardinal Gibbons High in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, June 29th. The Soccer Coaches Association contributed $1,000 to the Herlong Scholarship Fund in 2018.

Joey Sheppard from Stratford High represented the Strength and Conditioning Coaches. The Strength and Conditioning coaches currently have 240 members and contributed $3,000 to the Herlong Scholarship Program in 2018. In February, two coaches were inducted into the SC Strength & Conditioning Coaches Hall of Fame, Keith Kephart and Mike Armstrong. He continued by reminding the group that the State Meet will be held at White Knoll High School on Saturday, March 23rd.

Cynthia Vanbuskirk represented the Swim Coaches Association.  Currently this growing sports has a membership of 77.  The state swim meets were held in October with over 900 swimmers competing in three classifications. At the State meets two coaches were inducted into the Swim Coaches Hall of Fame: Joy Collins (North Augusta) and Park Owings (Christ Church). The SC Swim coaches contributed $750 to the Herlong Scholarship Fund.

Jeri Himmelsbach from Myrtle Beach High was recognized from the Tennis Coaches Association. The Tennis Coaches Association hosted the North/South Girls Tennis Event in November at Myrtle Beach High. The North/South Boys Tennis Event will be held at Myrtle Beach High on May 17th – 18th.

Chris White from Seneca High School represented the Track and Cross Country Coaches Association. This spring, the Track and Cross Country Coaches will  induct Ricky Gridon, and K B Brown as new members into their Hall of Fame. Membership total for 2018 is up to 463, with an average of more than two coaches per high school. The Track and Cross Country Coaches Association donated $3,500 to the Herlong Scholarship Fund, and awarded the Coleman-Singleton Scholarship to two track or cross country athletes.

Tommy Bell represented the Wrestling Coaches Association and began by thanking Hank Hammond, longtime wrestling coach and official in the Rock Hill area, who created the Carolina Invitational for junior varsity and middle school athletes.  Coach Hammond turned this event over to the Wrestling Coaches Association to be conducted as their major fundraiser. The North-South Wrestling Match was held this past weekend at North Myrtle Beach High, and it featured 72 seniors and 8 coaches.

Shea Hall was recognized to represent CAWS. She began by discussing the 41st North-South Volleyball matches hosted at Erskine College this past November. Lynn Avant (Hillcrest) was honored as the MVP Honoree, and Kay Monroe (Laurens High) was inducted in the CAWS Hall of Fame. CAWS will be hosting the 33rd Annual North-South Softball Games on June 18th – 20th at the University of South Carolina – Aiken. In July, CAWS donated $2,000 to the Herlong Scholarship fund.  The CAWS Golf Tournament will be held at Ponderosa Country Club on June 17th, and their auxiliary is very appreciative for the hole sponsorships and support of the other SCACA Auxiliary Associations.

Coach Dula was recognized and discussed the SCACA and auxiliary membership for 2018-19. Coach Dula continued by announcing the recipient schools of the $3,000 donation from the Texas High School Coaches Association. Marion High, Hartsville High and Marlboro County High each received $1,000 to be used for repairs, as a result of recent hurricane damage to their athletic facilities. He continued by encouraging all the auxiliary associations to attend the SCACA All Sports Clinic in Charleston in July, as this will be the last year of our four year cycle in Charleston. Coach Dula reminded everyone that the clinic will be in Greenville for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

John Combs from Ben Lippen School spoke on behalf of the Basketball Coaches Association.  He began by sharing that the Basketball Coaches Association contributed $2,500 to the Herlong Scholarship Fund. He continued by reminding everyone that the North-South All-Star Basketball games will be played on Saturday, March 16th at Lexington High School. In conjunction with the North/South Games the North/South Players, All-State Players, and the Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at a banquet on Friday, March 15th at Seawell’s. The North Carolina vs. South Carolina Basketball games will be played at John T. Hoggard High in Wilmington, NC on Saturday, March 23rd.

President Smith stated that the liability insurance policy for SCACA members will  increase from $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 for the 2019-20 school year. He continued by asking each auxiliary to provide three Coach of the Year nominees at the conclusion of each sports season. Also, any rate increases in auxiliary dues must be submitted in writing before July 10th to be presented for Board approval at the July meeting. He continued by reminding the auxiliaries to be confirming their clinic speakers, as well requesting that each auxiliary bring a projector for their speakers at the clinic to help cut down on audio visuals expenses. President Smith reminded everyone that the applications for the Herlong Scholarships are due to the office by April 1st.

Jerome Singleton, South Carolina High School League Commissioner was present and recognized Mike Beasley, SCACA Executive Committee representative, and thanked him for the excellent job he does representing the coaches in our state.

Mr. Singleton continued by updating the group on proposals to be discussed and voted on at the Legislative Assembly meeting next week.

Charles Gee was recognized to return thanks for our meal and everyone was dismissed.





MARCH 7, 2019

1:00 PM


President Brandon Smith called the meeting to order with the following members present: Donald Addis, Mike Beasley, David Byrd, Carlos Cave, Jason Farmer, Dann Holland, Zach Norris, Tim Perkins, David Prince, Sherry Smith, Mike Srock, Randy Stogner, Rick Tate, Debbie Wardlaw, Jimmy Woods, and Derek Youngblood. Board member not present: Doug Shaw, Jr.

President Smith presented the minutes from the December 6, 2018 Board meeting in Columbia. Without objection the minutes were approved.

Coach Dula began the financial update by discussing the salary expenses and major expenditures incurred since the December Board Meeting.

Jack Taylor, with Charles Schwab was recognized to update the Board on the investment portfolio of the SCACA.  Mr. Taylor provided a recent account statement which shows a steady rebound in growth for 2019.

President Smith reported the year ending membership total for 2018 was 6,759.  This total reflects an increase of 161 members from 2017. The membership packets will be distributed to Athletic Directors attending the Principals and Athletic Directors Conference in Charleston, beginning on March 11, 2019.

Mary Dula was recognized to update the Board on the Herlong, Ringer and Carolina Sports Scholarships. In 2018 the SCACA awarded $85,500 in scholarships to 171 college students. The deadline for renewal requests and new applications is April 1st.

Coach Dula was recognized to recap additional income and expenses in 2018, and details on the allocation of funds accumulated as a result of the dues increase in 2018.

President Smith recognized Mike Beasley for the High School League Report. He commented on the meetings held in January and the number of hardship cases that were heard by the Executive Committee. Coach Beasley reminded everyone that the Legislative Assembly will meet next week in Charleston.

Sherry Smith was recognized and stated that she has secured one speaker for the clinic, Joey Sheppard from Stratford High will be presenting a session on “Nutrition & Conditioning” for the middle school athlete.

President Smith reminded the Board that the ballots for Middle/Junior High School Coach of the Year and Assistant Coach of the Year are included in each packet, and the ballots should be returned to the office by March 15th.

As a matter of new business, Coach Smith invited Matthew Fox from Socastee High to make a presentation from the Lacrosse Coaches Association concerning a North/South Lacrosse event.  After a lengthy discussion, Coach Mike Srock made a motion to table the proposal at this time. In late April or early May the leadership of the Lacrosse Coaches Association will meet with a SCACA Board Committee to develop a proposal to be reviewed at the July Board meeting, with possible approval for spring of 2020.  Jason Farmer seconded the motion, all in favor.

President Smith announced that Sam & Angie Kelly are the recipients of the Keith & Tallulah Richardson Distinguished Service Award. Tim Renfrow, Socastee High is the recipient of the Charles Arthur Stuart Athletic Administrator Award.

President Smith reminded the Board that there are five Board positions to be decided at the Annual Business Meeting in July.  They are 5A Upper, 4A Lower, 3A Upper, 2A Lower and 1A Upper.  Anyone wishing to run for the Board should send an email or a written indication to the SCACA office making this formal request by June 1st.

Coach Dula presented six individuals to the Board from the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee.   Randy Stogner made the motion to accept these candidates as recommended by the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee, second by Mike Beasley. The motion passed.

President Smith reminded all Board members that the next meeting will be in Charleston at the Charleston Area Convention Center on Saturday, July 27, 2019.

Mike Srock made the motion to adjourn, second by Dann Holland.  All members voted in favor of this motion.